New look!

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Hey all!

We have made a few changes since we changed our software, I hope you like the look, if there is anything else that you’d like to see then please let us know. The Movie Blaze section has been updated to show some recommendations, and there is now a theatre section with information, and a club nights section. If your favourite nights aren’t on there, then let us know. The comedy section will hopefully be full by the end of the week, and the social section shows our social operations! Also, the sports section is looking pretty good too. Check it!


Cinema Section Updated

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Hey all,

Today we have added the movie reviews of the excellent MovieBlaze, a movie review service based in Cardiff, and added links to local cinemas for times and more information. We are currently working with local venues regarding the open mic section, and hope to have an update on this soon, and also the section offering information on wifi networks in Cardiff.


Music Section Updated

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Good day all, the music section has been updated with some of the excellent gigs coming up, and the venues page has some links to some of the many venues in town. The sports calendar and events calendars are filling up, and the events can be added to your own calendar just by clicking on them. Magic!


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Tonight the sections listing some of the venues which we will be promoting and the sport section have been updated. Changes are coming thick and fast at the moment, check back regularly to see what’s new!

Open Mic Nights

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Hey all, one of the key aims for Live in Cardiff is to provide everyone with comprehensive information about events they might be missing out on in Cardiff. Open mic nights happen weekly and offer a chance for our local musicians to try something new or to give budding new musicians the opportunity to try their hand at performing to an audience.

If you know of good open mic nights in Cardiff then let us know, so we can give them the coverage they deserve!


New Events Added

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Hey, check the Events section of the site to see a compiled calendar featuring some of the many things coming up in Cardiff. If you have a Google account you can even copy the events straight into your own calendar, and each event comes with it’s own map, so you know where you’re going.

Live in Cardiff

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Live in Cardiff is live. Information will be added shortly to explain what is coming up, but in the meantime, visit our Facebook page to share your thoughts.